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August 6th, 2013 by Susan Jecminek

FACEBOOK PROFILE 8 5 2013Loveland Colorado’s 49th Annual Art in the Park, August 10 & 11th, 2013 – Come visit us – Susan Jecminek, Bits of Yore and Aaron Jecminek, Art of Music, booth C-8 and enjoy the festivities at both Sculpture in the and the Artisans at North Lake Park Loveland, Colorado!

AJ & BITS OF YORE 2013 jpg

ZE TWISTS WRAPS FOR  Facebook 8 2013


Time to be Thinking Art Festivals!

April 26th, 2013 by Susan Jecminek

spring logo 4 26 13The weather is warming up – time for gardening, tennis, biking and seeking out those art festivals.  Check out your search engines for local area art festivals and art and craft fairs.   Enjoy the fun and weather by supporting your local Artisans.  Bits of Yore has a couple in the offing for the locals in Northern Colorado!  Check out our Calendar of events!




February 25th, 2013 by Susan Jecminek

Loveland ,Colorado is my home and being on the creative side, I don’t get out much to shop. I’ve had a little breathing time since the holidays and found a couple of wonderful shops in the process.  During my outings I chance to find Vera’s House Beautiful and Cherry Lime Boutique they have a wonderful array of items that are just my style!

Vera’s has wonderful affordable vintage décor, the quality collection of vintage chic includes: furniture, lamps, tabletop treasures, clothing, hats, jewelry and accessorie, kitchenware, wall décor and much more.  I will be a frequent visitor to this shop; it’s really a joy to browse through all the rooms in this vintage house with such charm.

Cherry Lime Boutique owners Alyssa and Michelle will guide you through the creative handmade items from local artisans and crafters.  If you’ve ever been to the arts and craft festivals throughout the year and wish there was a place you could go at a whim and find that special gift or item for you or your home, you’ll be amazed at wonderful offerings this boutique has housing inventory for over 55 local vendors/crafters.  Bits of Yore has added some items, look for Ze Twists/Wine Stem Wraps, Zip Togs, Cell Phone Lanyards and key chains.  Testing the waters – you can find some framed cat prints as well.

Shop local, save and enjoy!!


Season of the Heart

February 2nd, 2013 by Susan Jecminek

February is the season of the heart!  Send someone a warm sentiment and open your heart to all those around you, enjoy all the fluttery feelings!!


September 13th, 2012 by Susan Jecminek


Victorian décor can be very ornate and fancy but, it can be sleek with contemporary lines as well.  Designs have been so eclectic though the years that adding just a few pieces or paint can make a major difference.  There is an abundance of furniture styles, hardware, light fixtures, bath and kitchen designs that lend itself to the Victorian style with just a few choice pieces without being ornate.  I found a wonderful source I’d like to share, HOUZZ, which is full of wonderful ideas.  Also, if you are a pinterest fan, check out Julie Donnell-Oliver get some great ideas going and  Enjoy!!


Sculptures meet Loveland Colorado!

July 5th, 2012 by Susan Jecminek

Sculptures meet LovelandColoradofor the 29th annual Sculpture in the Park which features 2,000 pieces of sculpture created by 170 sculptors worldwide.  It is a wonderful event and one you won’t want to miss if you’re going to be in the Denver metro area in August.  This event is held in Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado, with the traditional Art in the Park with Artisan and craftsman’s wares going in the park across the road at the simultaneously,  there’s something for everyone’s taste!  Bits of Yore will be there with 3-Dimension Decoupage and Collages as well as original pieces of mixed mediums; watercolor, pen and ink, gauche, colored pencil and chalk pastel with prints available.

The 2011 excerpts of Sculpture in the Park is presented wonderfully on UTube, check it out!

See What’s New for 2012!

February 29th, 2012 by Susan Jecminek

See What’s New for 2012!  Coming in March, Bits of Yore has been busily designing Eyeglass Holders to compliment the Beaded Accessories.  Along with the New Eyeglass Holders you’ll find New Zip Tog – Zipper Pulls, Badg-ewelry – Badge/I.D. Lanyards  and Ze Twists – Wine Stem Wraps!  Let us know if you have requests for a particular color or style of our beaded accessories, requests for specific jewelry or deocr, custom orders are always welcome!

Cheers to the age of the Victorian and Nouveau Era!

July 28th, 2011 by Susan Jecminek

Cheers to the age of the Victorian and Nouveau Era!  One of our all time favorite sites for the romantics is The Victorian Trading Company.  They have such a wonderful online catalog as well as a newsletter you can sign up for.  The elegance of a time gone by can still be there for you.  You will love the variety of products and pleasure of strolling through The Victorian Trading Company’s site.  The era is expressed as well with Bits of Yore’s artisan handcrafted reminders of the lively age of Victorian and Art Nouveau art and style in our ornaments, custom Heirloom magnets, Classic poster magnets, the 3-dimensional poster prints and collages. 

If you have a favorite Victorian product site you’d like to share,  please send us the information and what you love about it!


A Big Welcome to Artsy Stamps and Paper Crafts!

May 14th, 2011 by Susan Jecminek

A Big Welcome to Artsy Stamps and Paper Crafts, it’s a  great shop for those of us who love to personalize our projects.  The use of stamping with a variety of inks has been an artist and crafters tool for ages.  The inventory at Artsy has a wide variety of stamps, inks, papers, tools and objects that are very hard to find in your run of the mill craft shops.  The owners, Patsy and Dianna know their stuff and can guide you to your needs and suggest items and tools you never thought to use, until the realization when the light bulb goes on, how they can be utilized.  The classes they offer are taught by very knowledgeable and talented people with a wealth of information.  If you ever wanted to get hands on learning, the classes offered are more then a how to.  The fundamentals of each class are taught prior to the hands on and any question you might have will be readily answered.  You,ll come away with a completed project and knowledge to further enhance your projects.  Sometimes it just makes sense to get some info without use of the internet, and a lot more fun!  If you are in the Northern Colorado area, check them out.  Artsy Stamps calendar will give you all the info you need for a class too, but hurry, the classes fill up fast!

Custom Magnets are Here!

April 19th, 2011 by Susan Jecminek

 Custom Magnets are here!  Work in progress is now completed!  We are offering sets of 3 handmade custom magnets for your pictures of days long ago or friends and pets.  Although the categories are titled Heirloom, Friends and Pets, any frame is available for your choice of pictures, whatever fits your fancy!  Whether you are downsizing and don’t have enough room for wall hangings or you love to give unique gifts, the custom magnets are sure to please!